The band feature the amplified talents of French violinist Agathe Max and Rocket regular Big Naturals/Anthroprophh Bassist Gareth Turner. 

Agathe Max trained in classical music for 10 years, she graduated at the Bourgoin-Jallieu School of Music, France, in 1995. Inspired by a world both enchanting and draped in darkness, she has developed a wide range of sound textures, unique and melodious, creating unconventional and magnetic musical pieces reflecting a personality in constant search of rareness in music. She has released music with Table of Elements (Tony Conrad & Faust) and played live all over the world.

'At times her work approaches the supersonic escape velocity of Tony Conrad; elsewhere, she introduces delicate repeating threads, then  slowly weaves them into a fabric of vast, billowing sound more reminiscent of Steve Reich. With an elegant command of melody and a strident use of rhythm, Max manages to create a remarkably accessible collection of tracks, one that bridges the gaps between minimalism, post-classicism, the avant garde, krautrock, and plain old-fashioned pop. « This Silver String » is a genre-bender for certain, and a fine debut by any definition.'