Spaghetti Westerners inspired by modern pop muses, Creatures create a beginning, a middle and an end, sonically sending you on an adventure that spans intense landscapes, tear-jerking waltzes, foreboding chaos and lingering cliff hangers.

Childhood friends, the band formed when two members met years later by chance in Paris. Shortly after deciding to relocate to London to find the fellow members, the band have been writing and performing since 2016. After previously touring with Temples (Heavenly), Creatures continue their impressive live streak embarking on a UK tour with The Parrots (Heavenly / Burger Records) late last year.

“The band's inventive live shows and extravagant songwriting has made them cult heroes, taking them out on the road alongside the likes of Temples and The Parrots. Barbed indie rock riffs with odd flecks of Americana, Creatures sound somewhere between Cramps and Country Teasers, but with a warped sense of humour all their own.” - Clash Magazine

“The band channel their best Roy Orbison at Club Tropicana vibes - throwing things knowingly back several decades to a time when the grooves were smooth, and the entertainment delivered with a cheeky wink. Basically, instead of aiming for the futuristic cosmos, they’re jumping in the time machine back to somewhere far more chintzy.” - DIY